How To Decorate A Red Wagon For A Wedding

Decorating a red wagon for a wedding can be simple, elegant and much more not that stressful. It all depends on what approach you will make and what instructions you will follow.

Something to consider when you are decorating a red wagon is what you are using the wagon for, where it will be placed or used and the theme of your wedding.

Below is a simple basic instruction to help you out in your red wagon decoration.

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How To Decorate A Red Wagon For A Wedding - Basic Instruction

1st Step - Learn the basics of wagon decorating

The basic methods or wagon decorating are similar to decorating other large items for a wedding. There are no absolute rules - just use your imagination and get creative.

Some ideas as a general guide are:

A. Run ribbons around the length of the wagon. Attach them to the top of the wagon every so often so that the ribbon makes a long row of "w's" across the wagon

B. Add fake flowers to the corners and to where the ribbon meets the top of the wagon.

C. For a red wagon at a wedding, decorate with light colors that do not clash with the red wagon color.

D. Decorate the wheels with a large flower in the center or several small decorations along the inside of the wheel.

2nd Step - Search online for flowers and ribbons

You can get so many ideas of how to decorate a red wedding wagon by just looking around online. Go to online fabric stores, online wedding accessory stores, online craft stores, etc. Look at the selections of materials, ribbons, bows and flowers. This will open your imagination up to ideas,

Hope you still can cope up with this basic instruction on How To Decorate A Red Wagon For A Wedding. Continuation of the instruction below.

3rd Step - Match the wedding theme

Does the wedding have a particular theme associated with it? If so, choose decorations that are appropriate for the theme.

4th Step - Match the wedding decorations

You will want to decorate the red wagon for the wedding to match the whole wedding scene. Find out what kind of flowers will be used at the wedding. Find out what the color scheme of the wedding is.

5th Step - Match whoever will be using the wagon at the wedding

For example, if it will be used by flower girls, then you will want to match the color and style of their gowns.

6th Step - Decide where the red wagon will be used

Will it be used inside or outdoors? If it will be used outdoors, you must make sure the wagon decorations are weather proof. Make sure to secure everything well so that the wind does not loosen the decorations. Also make sure to use thick, strong materials that will not be too weak to handle natural weather conditions.

7th Step - Decorate the red wagon for your wedding

Once you've considered everything above, you are ready to decorate the wagon for the wedding.

There are really no rules when it comes to decorating the wagon. Just use your imagination.

8th Step - Find out what the wedding wagon will be used for and decorate accordingly

If children will be riding inside, make sure that the bottom of the wagon is comfortable for sitting. Place blankets under a pretty piece of material if the seat is too hard. Also make sure the decorations are not pointy or sharp.

If the wagon will be used to store presents, then make sure to only put a thin piece of material on the inside of the wagon so there is a lot of empty room for gifts.

9th Step

If the wagon will just be on display only, then consider making a small platform or stage for the wagon to sit on so that it is more visible for the guests to see. Decorate the platform similar to the wagon.

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