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Batangas Information and Wedding Tradition

According To Wikipedia, Batangas is a province of the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon in the CALABARZON region. Its capital is Batangas City and it is bordered by the provinces of Cavite and Laguna to the north and Quezon to the east.
Batangas is one of the famous tourist spots near Manila. The province has many beaches and famous for excellent diving spots only a few hours away from Manila. Some of the more notable ones are Anilao in the Municipality of Mabini, Matabungkay in the Municipality of Lian, Punta Fuego in the Municipality of Nasugbu, the Municipality of Calatagan and Laiya in the Municipality of San Juan.

Batangas Cities and Municipalities

Agoncillo, Alitagtag, Balayan, Balete, Batangas City, Bauan, Calaca, Calatagan, Cuenca, Ibaan, Laurel, Lemery, Lian, Lipa City, Lobo, Mabini, Malvar, Mataas Na Kahoy, Nasugbu, Padre Garcia, Rosario, San Jose, San Juan, San Luis, San Nicolas, San Pascual, Santa Teresita, Santo Tomas, Taal, Talisay, Tanauan City, Taysan, Tingloy and Tuy.

Batangas Wedding Tradition

(From Helium web page) Batangas, a province here in the Philippines has a wedding tradition, too. In the middle of the wedding reception dinner, a relative announces the sharing portion done through bids from the groom and bride's sides. It will be explained that the money collected will be used as they start their lives together. This determines who has more or less. Every bid is exchanged with a rice cake and for the male bidder a drink of wine from a small glass. It's also done not for the money's sake. Just for fun.

In Batangas, the reception was always done at the Bride's residence. And the wedding always starts in the morning, normally, 8-9AM so that the reception will not pass noontime, because there is a tradition that the bride needs to go to Groom's residence by noontime to get more prosperity. The transfer of the couple from wedding reception to groom's residence is called lipatan. In this tradition, all the things used in the weddings, which is normally from groom's relatives, are packed and the reception is being cleaned thoroughly.

Bisperas - The Eve of the Wedding. This is an old custom peculiar to Batangas. The day before the Batangas wedding, an entourage consisting of the groom’s parents, relatives, “abays“, “ninangs” and “ninongs“, and others concerned with the wedding walk in a procession from the groom’s house to the bride’s house. The purpose of this journey is to deliver all the ingredients to be used in preparation of the wedding feast. Everything from the cows and chickens, to the vegetables and rice, down to the condiments and the cutlery are carried in the procession. Upon arrival at the bride’s house, refreshments are served. Then the elaborate preparations for the reception will be proceed thereafter.

Wedding Vendors and Suppliers In Batangas

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