Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Wedding thank you card wording samples, tips and advices.

1). Wedding thank you card wording sample to a close friend or relative

Dear Aunt or Uncle,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous lace tablecloth! It is beautiful and
we were both incredibly touched that you gave us this family heirloom. It was wonderful, as always, to see you at the wedding. I can’t wait to catch up on your news and tell you all about the honeymoon and newly married life.

With love,

Your name or couple's name

2). Newly wed couple thank you card wording sample to not to close friend or someone who they didn't know well.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. [their last name],

Thank you for the beautiful gift that you sent to me and my partner as a wedding present. I know we will enjoy it for many years to come. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you at the wedding. We really appreciate that you were able to witness such a happy day for us and our families.

Sincerely yours,

Your name or couple's name

3). Thank you card wording sample for a monetary or cash gift.

Dear [name of the person(s) who gave the gift,

My partner and I wanted to thank you greatly for the check you sent for a wedding gift. We are saving to buy a new car, and your gift will help us reach our goal. We can’t wait to take you for a spin around the neighborhood.

Best wishes,

Couple's Name

4). Wording example of a wedding complimentary card for a registry gift.

Dear [name of the person who gave the gift],

I am writing to thank you for the place setting of china that you so kindly sent for a wedding gift. Todd and I now have a service for eight. I’m sure we’ll use it for years to come. Wedding china is such a thoughtful gift and an instant family heirloom.

Thanks again,

Newly Wed's Name

5). Thank you card for someone who doesn't attend the wedding ceremony but sent you a nice gift.

Dear [name of the person who gave the gift],

Thank you so much for the gold-plated doodad you sent to me and my better half as a wedding gift. It was so thoughtful of you! I’m so sorry that you couldn’t attend the wedding – it was romantic and went just as planned.


Name of the couple

6). Wedding Thank you card wording for a gift you didn't like or expected much.

Dear [person's name],

Thank you for the wedding present of the velvet painting of dogs playing poker. It is certainly a unique gift; you are always so thoughtful and generous. It was so nice of you to join us at our wedding.

With love,

[bride or groom's name]

Wow, that's a lot of sample and ideas regarding wedding thank you card wordings. I hope that you got a simple basic idea in writing some thoughtful statements on that complement cards of yours prior to your marriage.

Wedding Thank You Card Wordings

Oh, before I forgot, here is also some thank you card wording quick tips.

Wedding Thank You Cards Wordings Tips.

1. Write thank you cards as soon as you receive the wedding gifts.
2. Bride and groom should write the thank you cards. Not just the bride or groom.
3. Make it personal and say what you really feel. Don't be to articulate.
4. Create a thank-you-card-writing station. Delegate a space or a room in writing cards.
5. Use some kinda of spread sheets to organize your gifts. One column for the name who gave the gift and the other column of what they just sent as a gift.

Writing thank you cards after your wedding can be difficult or just mere daunting task. But I hope, with this tips, you can write with comfort and ease.


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