Walking Down The Aisle Songs - Bride Entrance Songs

Walking Down The Aisle Songs - Tips and Few Choices

Having a great and right choice of music while walking down the aisle is a must!. This will dictate the mood and the emotions of the bride and the groom, the entourage and the guests.

I think, my best tip in choosing the walking down the aisle songs is choose what you both love (bride and groom). Choose those songs that had been a part of your relationship; whether in good or bad times.

Walking Down The Aisle Wedding Songs

Here are some of the most popular songs that brides have dreamed of walking down the aisle to. You may consider the following songs when searching for that ultimate complement for your special day. They are perfect as they speak the lyrics with heart and touching words.

Timeless Walking Down The Aisle Wedding Songs

1) Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross

2) I Was Born To Love You by Eric Carmen

3) From this Moment On By Shania Twain (Best Seller of all times)

4) Power of Love of Jennifer Rush

5) Runaway By The Corrs (Sung by Agot Isidro at Judy Ann And Ryan Agoncillo celebrity wedding)

6) A Moment Like This By Kelly Clarkson

7) All My Life By America

8) (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry By The Crystals

9) After All By Cher and Peter Cetera

10) Everything I Do, I Do It For You By Bryan Adams

11) Grow Old With You By Adam Sandler (My personal choice)

12) When I Fall In Love By Nat King Cole

And by request by a good friend of mine named Ritchelle, here is the local version of When I Fall In Love by Yeng Contastino featured at the TV show; The Wedding.

Do you want to add something more at this list? Feel free to say it at the comment section. I love to hear it from you.


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