DIY 25 Perfect Wedding Ceremony Programs From Martha Stewart Weddings

Couples-to-be as well as their wedding planners do always want  their wedding event to be somewhat unique and new to their family, relatives and guest's eyes. This is why they are always on the look out for something unique that they can do or present at the wedding day. We know having an awesome and extremely unique wedding entrance can do a big difference on the wedding day itself, but how about an excellent wedding ceremony programs that wedding planners or even the couples-to-be can do themselves? Sounds interesting right? Below are just few of the many DIY wedding ceremony programs that you can found on the web that can spark a sense of creativeness. All credits for the images and information goes to

Rows of Prose
Consider having your vows calligraphed or printed in on envelopes and stashing ceremony programs inside. Hang the envelopes by their flaps from satin ribbons that you knot around ceremony chairs or loop over the ends of pews. Tuck a single vivid carnation into each shimmering bow adorning aisle seats for a look that's pure poetry.

Program Pockets

Set the tone right from the start by greeting guests at the ceremony with aqua and red programs suspended from every seat. Loose pages rest inside the pocket of an oversize blue tag; its damask-style pattern is added with a rubber stamp.

Cedar Twigs

Programs from an Oregon wedding are festooned with cedar twigs and bound by brown taffeta ribbon.

Bow Programs

To make these programs (one letter-size sheet yields two programs), arrange your text horizontally on the page in landscape mode over four columns. Cut the sheet in half, wrap a 10-by-7/8-inch band around the center, and tape in back. Bend the ends of each program toward the center and tuck them under the band, making sure they overlap slightly.

Paper Fans

To beat the Virginia heat, the couple had the program information printed on fans.

Ribbon Binding

A lot can be held together with two ribbons tied into bows. This program's cover is adorned by a single calligraphed initial. The ribbons, threaded through punched holes and tied at the corners, hold the booklet closed and give it a pretty, finished look.

 Program with Rubber-Stamped Cover

Get a custom stamp made for the cover of your program and stamp it on paper (in this case we used wooden sheets).

Taffeta Program Covers

Wide moire taffeta ribbon becomes a beautiful jacket for a wedding program. A narrow brown ribbon tied in a simple bow holds the finished booklet closed.

Programs and Recipes

Satoko and Alex gave each guest a bag. Inside each bag was a program and recipe book featuring, among others, the caterer's recipes.

Luggage Tags

For a couple who travels, a booklet resembling a bundle of luggage tags is an inspired choice. The card-stock pages are tied together with sturdy string, and a floral-print cover gives the package a charming yet casual look.

There you have the first 10 of 25 DIY wedding ceremony programs. To read and see the next 15 (to complete the 25), please do head over to 25 Perfect Wedding Ceremony Programs.


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