Wedding Cake Trivia You Should Know Before Tying The Knot

As we already know, wedding cakes are being served to guests during the wedding reception. It is also quite a fact that wedding cake is not a normal or what-you-see-daily cake. It is made of large cake or loaf covered with ornamental icings all over it together with fondant. In short, wedding cakes are special, extraordinary and extravagant. Aside from having an extravagant presentation, the dense of the cake and the proportions of it is being handled alone by the baker’s expertise and excellence in his culinary background. But above all of these, did you know that each and every slice, cut and portion being eaten of world famous wedding cakes do have a lot of meanings?

Wedding Cake Facts And Trivia

During the Roman Empire
  • A loaf of bread is made with wheat and barley – that’s their wedding cake
  • The purpose of it is to throw it to the bride and not to be eaten.
  • Another one is crumbling the wedding cake over the bride’s head as a symbol of her fertility.
  • A piece of wedding cake must be broken, made by the groom at the head of the bride to announce his dominance in their married life.
French Croquembouche
  •  It is one of the earliest forms of wedding cake in the history.
  •  It is a pile of French pastries that can be dipped in chocolate bounded with caramel as well.
  •  This is delicately accentuated with almonds, ribbons and flowers.
  •  During the medieval era, the newly wed couples must kiss over these piles of pastry in an attempt not rumble it down.
  •  If they were successful enough no to rumble down, a lifetime fortune awaits the newly-wed couples.
  • The wedding cake is used to be white in every detail symbolizing its purity.
  • Together, they slice the wedding cake to announce their first duty in married life.
  • Pertaining to these it is also eaten by the newly-wed couples allegorizing their commitment to each other.
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Tip: Do you know this wedding cake featured in an episode of a Korean TV film titled Kim Sam Soon? It was one of her “killer cakes” that time. It was made of cupcakes! Some pastry chef use sweet cupcakes and arranged it similar to croquembouche. They simply calls it "sweet cupcake wedding cakes". Definitely an eye-candy in the reception I bet.

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Most of the wedding cakes in this very minute also goes along with their preferred motifs. The most similar color tones of it the better. Bringing along with flowers, ribbons and even swarovski in it? You see, couples-to-be these days have so many options rather than a decades ago.


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