Facts About Wedding Favors You Should Know About

Intentionally, wedding favors are meant to give appreciation to your guests whether they enjoyed the event or not. Let’s get this straight, you know that lots of people wanting these favors at the end of the celebration, typically in Filipino wedding culture (I don’t know why), in order for them to have a keepsake or remembrance related to the wedding event itself. Favors like these makes the gathering being cherished every minute of the moment from A side (positive) to the B side (negative) of it. Aside from those reasons, wedding favors that are being requested or ordered must be presentable enough for the guests.

Wedding favors varies from your own wedding motif or it depends if you still have more time to think of it then you can still improve on what kind of wedding favors will perfectly fit your taste and budget. Along with these ,you must make sure that that the people behind your wedding favors is reputable as much as possible, from the most savvy wedding favor makers in the town down to your sisters and friends who diligently made your favors up to the last sweat.

Wedding Favors
These mini birdhouses were commissioned as wedding favors.
Hand-painted and collage, each one has a butterfly or flower motif (with a smaller matching motif on the back).
Each birdhouse measures 1.6" x 2" x 2.4" (4 x 5 x 6 cm) approx.
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artangelstudio/5834123860/

You must also be aware that some wedding favors can be handy and some are not. Some wedding favors are fragile and I think, that’s a no-no or disadvantage for me. You must be resourceful on everything to sort things out. Lot of establishments today offers package deal promos that include wedding favors and stuffs as well. There are also types of favors that are edible, usable or just plain junk or non useful to your guest if they will keep them at their house or home. What’s the most important is that guests will thank you and remember you not only because of the favors you will give them but for the memory they have on that very nice day. Isn’t that sweet?

Wedding Favors - Homemade Honey
"Quite possibly the greatest wedding favor ever"
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lollyknit/2060384605/

 To make the long story short prior to your wedding favors, just be wise enough to choose one to make your sentiments on your big event last long and still can be an enjoyable topic to reminisce with your better half while sowing the fruitfulness of marriage.


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