Save And Make Money With Canceled Weddings

In today's modern and fast changing world, almost anything is possible. This applies to the wedding community much more with this newest information which talks about making good amount of money with canceled weddings.

Yes you read it right folks. Making money with canceled weddings is quite possible. Gone are the days wherein canceled weddings can result into trouble and being broke (due to the wedding preparation expense). BridalBrokerage.Com offers couple or persons who directly involve in the wedding a good idea on how they can claim the cash they spend for that busted big event.

Bride And Groom

The site is not only good for the people who canceled the wedding event, but for people who are planning a wedding event as well. Bridal Brokerage can be the answer for any couple who are having problems with their event planning or budget in general. Read the information below on how the Bridal Brokerage system works.

What Is BridalBrokerage.Com

Bridal Brokerage is a start-up company that makes a connection in between previously remote parties on the wedding event: couples who've decided not to marry who want to sell the wedding goods and services they've bought, and couples keen to buy a “prepackaged” wedding and save money at the same time.

According to it's founder and CEO Lauren Byrne:
“We got a little bit of push back in the beginning that people wouldn't really want to buy someone else’s wedding, and that’s not the case at all, There’s over 2 million weddings a year in the U.S., and we’re seeing a lot of customers coming to us and saying they’d love to buy a prepackaged wedding.”
Lauren Bryne stated few reasons below why her business or website will become a hit in terms of canceled weddings.

- People are too busy to undergo the whole planning and preparation
- Event goods and services are notoriously marked up (because they’re for weddings) and many will struggle with the current economy.

Lauren Byrne "Bridal Brokerage"

Bridal Brokerage - Make Money With Canceled Weddings

How Bridal Brokerage System Works

People who are planning a wedding, either the couple theme selves or the wedding planner, can go to the website and fill up the form that asks few important things like the date of the wedding, how far the wedding is and how many guest they are expecting. That information will go to their data bank to be matched with canceled weddings. If the information matched with a certain canceled wedding, Bridal Brokerage will then negotiate with the people directly connected at that called off wedding to buy something from brides, parents and other people directly connected with that canceled wedding. A real win-win scenario for the soon to be wed and for the couple who canceled their wedding.

Bridal Brokerage - Sell Canceled Wedding

Bridal Brokerage - Buy A Canceled Wedding

Real Case Example

Andrew Rivlin and his fiancee explored Bridal Brokerage because of good things they heard about it. They wanted to marry quickly but they have limited budget and traveled a lot that makes wedding preparation a bit harder for them. While browsing the Bridal Brokerage’s Facebook page, he found out a perfect May (canceled) wedding in California mentioned and bought it without hesitation.

As of this moment, Lauren Byrne and the whole BridalBrokerage team is working out the details of transferring the whole wedding contract along with the venue to Andrew Rivlin and his fiancee. They (Rivlin and his fiancee) are very thankful of BridalBrokerage since they helped them a lot in making a dream wedding come true without spending a lot of money for the event.

My Thoughts

Making money with canceled weddings is for real and it's happening. 

The parties who make money from this kind of system are:

-BridalBrokerage.Com (Of course they have to be paid for their awesome hard work and idea)
-Couples who sold their stuffs which they acquired/rent/bought until their wedding is called off.
-Soon to be wed (they don't make money though but they save a lot of it by utilizing this one of a kind system).

So what do you think? Any thoughts?

Note: I am not paid nor asked by BridalBrokerage to do this article. I just found out their website and system a bit something new to the wedding industry so I decided to post it here.

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