Black Wedding Dresses

Black Wedding Dresses - New Wedding Gown Fashion

Black wedding dresses are now a hot trend. Believe it or not, black wedding dresses are really popular. Reasons and beliefs on why does the color "black" is now the "in thing" in terms of wedding dresses.

Some countries and group of people that wearing black on wedding day is a bad luck or doesn't feel like wedding at all. Traditionally, white is always the dominating color on a wedding event. White represents pureness and virginity. While black is always associated with bad or evil things.

But things changed, so as well as the traditional white wedding gowns and dresses.

Back in 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker got married to husband Matthew Broderick in black wedding dress and set a new trend. Sarah wanted to marry "invisibly" and her way of doing it was to wear a black wedding dress.

Parker Broderick Black Wedding Dress

Of course, black wedding dresses is not only for celebrity or popularity, there are so many reasons for you to consider wearing black wedding dresses.

Black Wedding Dresses - Wear Them For The Following Reasons

Black Wedding Dresses
Cheaper Price
You don't need to visit a bridal store as you can hunt for the dress of your dreams in prom dress stores or even buy a little black dress from your local discount fashion store. You may also customize the black dress you bought anyway you want. Its a lot cheaper than any traditional wedding dresses.

Personality Issues
Wearing a black dress on your wedding day will cause huge controversy but it's sure to put your individual stamp on what would otherwise be yet another traditional, unsurprising day. Uniqueness will always be remembered by people.

Black Is Cool
Yes, you read it right, now black is cool! Some women just do not suit white or ivory. Whilst pink, blue or red wedding dresses are other alternative choices, why not consider a dark shade too especially if you love wearing the color.

Black Is Sexy
Do I need to elaborate this one? Black is and always be a sexy color. Period!

Black Wedding Gowns
In wearing a black wedding gown or dress, the basic tip I can give out is to wear minimal jewelry. If you were planning on wearing a huge Victorian-style necklace with your black wedding dress, you’re better off with a simple pair of drop earrings. The focus is on your dress and you don’t want to look cluttered. That actually goes for any dress with strong colors or a lot of detail.


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