7 Awesome Fairy Tales, Superheroes And Cartoons Inspired Weddings That Have Ever Taken Place

Here comes another round of collection of out-of-this-world wedding ideas or themes. This time, we will take things lightly because, the information I dished out at my past few posts are bit of heavy and hard to take in. What I have for you at this list are fairy tales, cartoons and comics inspired wedding themes that have ever taken place. You might find them a bit weird and odd but for sure you will enjoy checking them out. Without further delays, here they are.

Shrek Themed Wedding - Barnstaple, Devon England

Shrek Themed Wedding

Hospice nurse Christine England, 40, married her fiance Keith, 44, in full costume and make-up in front of 100 guests who were also in fancy dress. The Mr and Mrs Green of Barnstaple, Devon, had spent three hours having their make-up done before walking down the aisle. Source

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Themed Wedding

The two lovers (Dorothy and Randy) have dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and arranged for the whole Wedding ceremony to be visualized as in the Disney’s Peter Pan animated movie we have grown with and loved along with different characters and themes that fit. Source

Flintstones-Themed Double Wedding - Norwich

Andrea and Simon Bean dressed up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Richard and Jill Noble dressed up as Barney and Betty Rubble as they tied the knot at Weston Park Golf Club, in Norwich. The 165 guests of their wedding celebration are asked to dressed as Stone Age cavemen and women. Of course, the traditional Bridal March tune was replaced by the theme song of "The Flintstones" cartoon TV series. Source

Batman and Wonder Woman Wedding - England

Sharon Wetherell and Neil Vaughan of Devon, England, tied the knot while all dressed up as their favorite superheroes. As “Wonder Woman” theme music blared, Wetherell, 40, made a grand entrance at the ceremony wearing blue hot pants, a red corset, flashy boots and a tiara and veil that cost her about $160. The groom’s face-obscuring Batman costume set him back about $290. Source

Superman And Jessica Rabbit Wedding - Worcester

A bride was asked 'do you take this Superman to be your husband?' as she tied the knot in a comic-themed ceremony. Rob Taverner, 32, dressed as the superhero while Nyssa Pratten, 19, was dressed as Jessica Rabbit in Worcester. And the two best men dressed as Captain America and Supergirl at the ceremony. Source

Lord of the Rings Wedding

A Tolkien-obsessed couple throw a Lord of the Rings-inspired wedding, officiated by Gandalf. Source

Harry Potter Wedding

One couple celebrates their nuptials with a ceremony inspired by Harry Potter. Source

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my curated photo and info of fairy tales and cartoon inspired weddings. Knowing that such kind of theme do happen in real life or wedding, I wonder what kind of theme will come up next at this kind of tech-driven generation. Care for a wild guess? Lemme know what can you think of via the comment section below.


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