11 Weird and Unique Wedding Venues

11 Weird and Unique Wedding Venues And Locations

The most weirdest, unique and awesome wedding venues or locations compilation.

Wedding Venue 1: Racetrack
"Two of the members in our drag racing group got married on the track. It was really cute because immediately after they were married, she got into the car (in her wedding gown) and raced him to the end. The back of his car read, 'Just' and hers read, 'Married.'"
Race Track Wedding

Wedding Venue 2: Graveyard/Cemetery
"A hairdresser at a salon I used to go to was married at a cemetery on Halloween. Her bridesmaids and groomsmen all wore purple, black, and orange. She wore a black-and-red-dyed wedding gown, and all of her photos were taken next to headstones."
Graveyard Wedding

Wedding Venue 3: Library/Bookstore
"I saw a couple who got married at a Barnes & Noble because that's where they met. The store didn't close, but they said that for the duration of the ceremony, they wouldn't ring up any transactions."
Bookstore Wedding

Wedding Venue 4: Hockey Play/Game
"A couple got married in between the first and second periods of a Chicago Wolves hockey game. The groom and groomsmen all wore jerseys, the bride wore a jersey over her dress, and the bridesmaids all carried hockey sticks."
Hockey Wedding

Wedding Venue 5: Department Store
"A couple got married at JCPenney in Michigan. The bride walked down the escalator as the aisle, and the wedding was broadcast on the overhead speakers."
Department Store Wedding

Wedding Venue 6: On Theater/Stage
"We got married in a theater on the set of Three Billy Goats Gruff. My husband and I are both actors — so it made sense to us to get married on the stage. (We even had a stage manager who gave a curtain speech, there was a preshow, and several of our friends sang songs.) Instead of walking down the aisle, I walked over the troll bridge!"
Stage Wedding
Wedding Venue 7: Floating/In the Air
"A lot of my skydiving friends have gotten married in freefall. One couple gave out 'Lovers' Leap' invitations."
Skydive Wedding

Wedding Venue 8: Fast Food / Restaurant
"Recently there was a story about three couples that all married at White Castle — you know, the burger chain. They had their individual weddings back-to-back."
Fast Food Wedding

Wedding Venue 9: At The End Of A Rope
"French bungee jump couple Christine and Stephane Rosetti tied the knot whilst being tied to the end of a bungee line."
Bungee Jump Wedding

Wedding Venue 10: Underwater Weddings
"You've probably seen footage of several couples getting married in fish tanks, in swimming pools and in full diving suits under the waves of some far flung ocean."
Underwater Wedding

Wedding Venue 11: In A Phone Booth/Box
"A Norwegian couple, Frode Stromo and Grete Myrslett, who met via a text message, got married in a phone booth."
Phone booth Wedding

Great and unique wedding idea or locations right? Feel free to add yours.


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