8 Popular Wedding Colors And Their Meanings

For a wedding to become more memorable, unique and exciting, a good and well planned wedding theme is a must. Wedding theme sets the tone and the overall feel of the wedding ceremony up to the reception. For you to come up with a nice theme, you have to choose and decide the color(s) you wanted to be seen at the wedding.

Below, I listed down eight of the most popular wedding colors as of this date along with their meanings. I hope it can help you out to choose or decide the perfect theme for your big event. Here they are.

Wedding Themes And Colors

Red. Red is absolutely the most popular wedding color around. It's a traditional color or symbol of love. This color represents the great and unconditional love between the couple. Red is also the easiest tone to be partnered with other color in terms of wedding decorations.

Yellow. Yellow wedding is a happy and vibrant wedding. Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness and its a perfect color for a happy couple celebrating their big day. This is a great color for a summer or spring wedding.

Blue. Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. Perfect for small and intimate weddings. Blue is often used at beach weddings partnered with white or light colors. Blue is also used traditionally in a summer or spring wedding.

Black. Black is growing in popularity nowadays and even celebrities are using black as their wedding theme color. Black represents class, formality and elegance. Black color is best partned with yellow, gold or silver colors. Black is a perfect wedding color in a winter wedding celebration. Word of caution: black colored wedding is not designed for all so use it with great caution.

Green. Green is abundance, wealth, growth and positivity. Green is usually seen at a garden wedding and most especially in a sping season wedding.

Purple. Purple wedding is royal wedding. Purple represents sophisticated and classy wedding. Purple themed wedding is often seen at small intimate weddings.

White. White is the traditional wedding color that represents purity, innocence, fertility and cleanliness. Most traditionally planned and excecuted weddings uses white as their dominant color.

Pink. Like red, it represents love. Aside from that, pink also represents innocence, sensuality and sweetness. Pink is often complemented with white or red color.

There you have it, the common wedding theme or colors of this generation. I hope you find it helpful and useful enough if ever you are looking out for the kind of wedding color to use at. If you are in doubt, it's better to consult a wedding planning expert for tips and advice. If not possible, you can jump into the trend of multi-colored wedding theme just like what is presented below. :).

Multi Colored Wedding Theme

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