A Very Touching Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

Woman Films Wedding Dance With Terminally Ill Father

The below video of a woman dancing with her terminally ill father is one of the most touching and heart warming wedding dance I ever saw online. The reason is not the video itself, but the story and purpose behind it. Read on.

Alaina Heston And Dennis Heston Daughter Father Wedding Dance

The bride/woman, Alaina Heston had planned her wedding for March 2013. But because she feared that her father Dennis Heston may not be there to share the day (Dennis is dying of terminal cancer), she pre-recorded a wedding dance with her father. The wedding dance was recorded last November 2012 with the Temptations song "My Girl" playing in the background.

Alaina + Dennis / Daddy Daughter Dance

According to Caroline Maxcy, Alaina Heston cousin and the person who filmed the epic scene:
"It was a really special gift to our entire family to be able to be a part of Dennis and Alaina's daddy daughter dance together." 
Alaina Heston's dad, Dennis Heston died a month after the wedding dance (December 9, 2012) and the wedding dance video was played at the couple's wedding day.

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Woman films wedding dance with terminally ill father via NineMSN.Com

DADDY DAUGHTER via CarolineMaxcy.Com/Blog/

Image And Video Credits: Caroline Maxcy Blog


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