Wedding Planners Philippines

There are lots of so called wedding planners in the Philippines. Almost all of them are talented, helpful and easy to get along with. Some of them also do whatever it takes to satisfy their clients and also, satisfy themselves.

But, what is a wedding planner? What is her/his specific role in a wedding? I googled and I found this web definition of a wedding planner.

"A wedding planner is a person employed by a bride and groom to assist them in planning, designing and coordinating their wedding day. May also be known as a wedding coordinator, wedding consultant or wedding designer."

Wedding Planner Philippines

Pretty nice meaning eh?. But here in the Philippines, becoming a wedding planner is more than what the web says. Let me give you some examples.

Nowadays, wedding planners in the Philippines now have some sort of a group or organization. Whereas, it can consist of 2-3 personnel acting like wedding planners on a certain wedding. Also, I have heard that Filipino wedding planners is always a sought after persons due to their talent, skills and of course, for the love of their work that in return, resulting to a memorable wedding program.

Wedding planners in Philippines also now do hosting and sometimes, sings during reception and/or on wedding rites itself.

So, its great to hire a Filipino wedding planner, right? You may check this site of Philippines wedding store for the list of wedding planner in the Philippines that are making names on the in Philippine wedding industry.


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