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Filipino wedding songs or wedding love songs are an unforgettable part of the reception and wedding ceremonies for many Filipino brides and grooms. The first dance wedding song is usually the one that stands out, as do the songs used in the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

Popular Philippine Wedding Songs
Wedding songs popularity and its characteristics are defined and stated as:

The Classic Wedding Love Songs. These are the sweet, special love songs that most of your guests will probably know. Perfect for the first dance wedding feel.

The Popular Wedding Love Songs. These are more contemporary songs that have been played on the radio and hitting the music charts by storm.

The Wedding Love Songs With a Little Edge. Sort of alternative and punk wedding songs. Typical for young and punk couples.

You may choose from the categories stated above. Choose what will suit you and your mood. Most of all, choose the songs that really matters for you; the couple.

Oh, before I forgot, here is a sample of Popular Philippine Wedding Songs that are widely used at almost all Philippine weddings. This is called Best Wishes (Wedding Songs Collection) by Martin Nievera. The songs included on that album are as follows:

* The Promise
* You Are My Song
* Ikaw
* Of All The Things
* You
* Anything For You
* You're My Everything
* With You
* Forever
* Promise of Love
* Forevermore
* True Love
* Never Say Goodbye
* Stay With Me
* Today
* In Your Eyes
* Love Is Stronger Far Than We

Enjoy playing and listening to your Filipino wedding songs - the popular Philippine wedding musics.


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