13 Unique Weird Wedding Rings

Here is a simple picture/photo collection of 13 Unique and Weird Wedding Rings I found online. I just see them weird, unique and somewhat, admire the design and uniqueness of creation. Without further ado, here they are.

13 Unique Weird Wedding Rings

1 - Hello Kitty Wedding Rings

Hello Kitty Wedding Rings

The set has a male and a female version; the hello kitty faces of the ring for the men are actually hidden on the inside.
Hello Kitty Men Wedding Ring

The woman’s version proudly displays the Hello Kitty face, along with two tiny 0.02 ct diamonds.
Hello Kitty Women Wedding Ring
The rings cost 189000 Yen (about 1161 Euro)

2 - Decoder Wedding Rings
Decoder Rings
This one has three rotating bands that can be lined up to decode secret messages. Looks like something that can be use in the movie "Da Vinci Code". Right?
More information regarding Decoder rings here.

3 - Nuts and Bolt Wedding Rings
Nuts and Bolt Rings
Kiley Granberg designed a wedding ring set as a nut and bolt. Perfect for the mechanically-minded couple. This is symbolic on more than one level.
Nuts and Bolts rings information.

4 - Binary Wedding Rings
Binary Rings
On the Binary rings, there are 5 parallel tracks running around the ring, each track representing a digit in the binary lexicon. The track is engraved for 1 and left blank for 0. In this way, the five lines of engraving which progress around the ring spell out, in combination, your personalized message. Whew! Got it?

The message on the ring above reads “A Marriage of Values”. Your message may contain up to 25 characters. Perfect for the romantically-inclined computer geek!
Binary Rings website

5 - Ethernet Wedding Rings
Ethernet Rings
Taking the connectivity idea a little further, Jana Brevick designed Cat-5 Rings that connect with each other by Ethernet connectors.

6 - Sphere Wedding Rings
Sphere Rings
It would be cool to have a ring that you could play with. This sphere ring made by acanthusleaf is modeled on a historical pattern that has four rings hinged at different points.
Sphere wedding rings information.

7 - USB Wedding Rings
USB Rings
Jennifer Flume developed the USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring. The two wearers can connect the rings and share data! This is a concept project only. Nothing says “I love you” more than the USB engagement ring. Actually, nothing says “I’m too cheap to afford a real diamond ring, but I put a creative twist on this tradition” more than the USB engagement ring.
USB Wedding Rings details.

8 - Remember Wedding Rings Remember Rings

There are even rings with embedded technology. The Remember Ring will remind you of your anniversary by getting hotter! Remember Rings require no special care, and are completely water proof and impact resistant. Too bad it’s only a concept and not available for sale… yet.
Remember Rings details.

9 - Bone Wedding Rings
Bone Rings
What could be more individual than your own DNA? Scientists and artists have collaborated to make rings out of the wearer’s bone tissue. The tissue is taken from a wisdom tooth and grown on a scaffold in the laboratory.
Bone Wedding Rings details.

10 - Coin Wedding Rings
Coin Rings
Make your own wedding rings is an individual statement, and will save money, too! You can make rings out of coins, but keep in mind that it is illegal to deface US currency. Still, not all coins are US currency.
Coin Wedding rings details.

11 - Fingerprint Wedding Rings
Fingerprint Rings
Fingerprint rings are available in many styles. Rings by Gerd Rothmann feature a fingerprint that resembles a charm on top. Jeweler Andrew English does commissioned wedding rings with the fingerprint inside or outside.
Fingerprint Rings details.

12 - Intertwined Wedding Rings
Intertwined Wedding Rings
Rings that intertwine with each other are quite symbolic. They look great together, but I don’t know how comfortable they would be to wear apart.

13 - Machinery Wedding Rings
Machinery Rings
These are not the plugs and machinery of an electrician or a motor mechanic. This is a series of wedding rings created by a prominent designer, Jana Brevick. The designs would ensure that the machine of your marriage continues turning smoothly.

There you go, my collection of 13 Unique Weird Wedding Rings. Do you have any more to add? What can you say about this collection?


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