Paranormal Wedding Activity

This one is a collection of some creepy stuffs and photographs on a wedding day. I got the pictures as well as information at Paranormal Photo Gallery - A selection of weird or unexplained photos from readers. They are all posted by Stephen Wagner.

Check them out and leave some thoughts below. Enjoy!

Wedding Dove From Jason Darr

Paranormal Wedding Activity Photo1
In September of 1999, my grandmother passed away. She desperately wanted to attend the wedding of one of my cousins, but died three months prior. In a picture my mother had taken of the bride, groom, and my grandfather (who is also a minister) with a digital camera, there is what seems to be a dove over my grandfather. My first thought was it was merely a reflection of something. I zoomed in, but couldn't find a light source.

Face at Wedding from Micki Dawal

Paranormal Wedding Activity Photo2
This photo was taken at my best friend's wedding. It was after midnight and all pictures were taken with natural light. There are no near windows, or any thing for a flash to reflect, because there was no flash. When she sent it to me, I was taken aback and almost didn't want to touch the photo. I called her right away and asked her about it, she laughed and said it was a ghost. I asked her if it was in the developing and she told me that it was on the negative. When held up to the light, you can see that the images lightly cover the entire photo.

What gets me, is that it isn't the end of the roll, and all of the other pictures are normal. The face that's over my head has been fading since I got it. Is that strange? It looks like there's a "D" surrounded by blue and an "I" surrounded by red, and the face looks like an "E"... Out of the head of my boyfriend (at the time), if turned counterclockwise, is a pink heart; on the back of the photo the numbers 187(a police code for murder/death) were written by the photographer, right in the middle of the heart. One of the lines is going through both my boyfriend and my hearts. Obviously we had a difficult time staying together. Out of my friend's new husband looks like a wing, or maybe a bench. Yet, when turned upside down, my friend looks like she's flying downward.
Wedding Ghost from Mikey Ned

Paranormal Wedding Photo3
It was an interesting coincidence that my daughter chose September 30th 2000 for her wedding day as it was also my aunt's wedding anniversary who passed away this past December 1999. (We didn't know of the nuptial coincidence until one of the wedding gifts was opened that included a note from my mother that explained the history.) This photo was taken by myself only a few seconds after another photographer took a photo of the same setting. I remember not even really wanting to take it, I just mindlessly snapped the photo and went on with the events of the day. Needless to say, there was nothing between myself and my youngest daughter in the center of the photo.

The Headless Bride from Jay

Paranormal Wedding 4
This picture was taken in an empty house as a "before" picture - before we started remodeling. It was taken with a Polaroid, and I am sure the film was bad, but it is a very interesting picture. We call her Sally, after the lady that died recently. We purchased the house from her family.

Uninvited Wedding Guest from Connie Challender

Paranormal Wedding 5
We wanted a country-style wedding, so we chose an out-of-the-way town called Elby in Washington State, not really that far from our home in Puyallup. Elby has this cute little church built back in 1906 for the loggers in that era. The church was a historical monument and only held services once a month, so my fiancé and I decided to go to one of the services for permission to use the church for our wedding, for a fee of course. The church was small, so a lot of our guests had to stand outside for the ceremony. They didn't mind because that day on August 5, 1995 was extremely nice for Washington; only days earlier it had been pouring rain. While I was getting ready in the guest house next door, my fiancé and his best man greeted our guests and saw that they were seated or standing what ever the case was. After all the guests arrived, one of my friends, who was in charge of taking pictures, took a snapshot of what looked like a figure forming in front of our Pastor and to the left of my fiancé. We had no idea this photo had been taken until all the pictures were developed after the wedding. There were several shots taken by the same friend with the same camera but no other apparitions showed up in those pictures. My husband thinks this might have been his grandmother's ghost because she died while he was on ship in the Navy. I told him I think it's one of the brides from that era back in 1906. What do you think?

Wedding Reception Ghost from Martin Green

Paranormal Wedding 6
I was the best man at my friend's wedding in Sept. 2002. I was giving a speech to all who attended the wedding reception. I am the one standing up with a pint of beer giving my speech. To the legft of me is Mel, the groom whose wedding we attended. Mel is speaking with his new wife and a friend. The funny thing is, Mel said to me only weeks before his wedding that strange things kept happening at his council flat (ground floor). I dismissed these as run-of-the-mill chit-chat. However, on the discovery of the photographs of the wedding, there really is a ghostly figure standing through the kitchen window. It almost makes me chilled to the bone as I am the nearest thing to the window, and I was talking and moving around all the time speaking the reception of people in the garden. What's more, the black eyes and a fairly good height of this person gives me the creeps. I have never released this picture before I have had it for the past three years. I have had it checked by a photographic friend of mine who has confirmed it is not a double exposure.

Mum's Spirit at Wedding from Marc Savage

Paranormal Wedding 7
My mother died about a month before my niece, her granddaughter, was married. She had desperately wanted to go to the wedding. After the service, we were standing outside the chapel and I remarked to my two aunts (mum's sisters) that I could feel her there. The group of people that you can see [in the background by the trees] are myself, my aunts and my cousins. The area that is enhanced (lower left) is just above our heads. Minutes before that, I'd sent my young cousin off to take a photo of the wedding car. My father was just walking down the hill to look at the car also. The venue of the wedding was at an historical homestead and one of my mother's favourite places. She had often remarked that she'd be happy to be buried there. It was a friend of mine who saw the photos a couple of months later, that noticed something unusual. We decided to have the image professionally enhanced and were all amazed to see my mother's face appear. The hair and bone structure are unmistakable. My niece was very freaked out and refuses to look at the photo, but the rest of us grew up in a culture that embraces such occurrences, and we love that mum made it to the wedding.

My sister thinks she can see two other faces. They are reflected in the rear window of the car. One is a woman with curly hair wearing a bonnet or shawl, and the other is just above her - a man with a beard, who looks like he's wearing a monk's hood. Can you see them?

Wedding Day Ghost Photograph Photo: Liz

Paranormal Wedding Activity 8
This is a photo of my aunt's wedding day. The year was 1942, and the photo was taken with a box camera. On some of my feedback I'm told it's not really there! Well, I know it is. This picture has been passed down. Please give me some feedback. I would like too see what everyone thinks. It was taken in Jasper, Alabama. -- Liz

Demon Appears in Wedding Picture

I got this one from Project Nsearch Blog.
Fox news broadcast shows a demon over the shoulder of the groom in a wedding picture. The Martinez family says this is a real demon that was with Mr. Martinez when he was doing drugs. There is evil out there!

What do you think about the posted pics and video? Are they for real? Creepy right?

Check your wedding pictures, you might see something unusual there too and make sure to share it here.


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