Kids Being Kids Wedding Photography Contest Winners (PHOTOS)

Here are some photos or images from the well respected website of Wedding Photojournalist Association ( These images came from their wedding photography contest gallery titled Kids (being kids). I find them quite hilarious, funny, entertaining but full of photography artistry.

Check them out and leave your thoughts about the photos via the comment section.

1st Place: Carl Bower from Colorado, United States
The contrasting expressions and body language are wonderful. The black and white allows us to focus on the dueling moments. And it's always great to see a vertical in the mix.

2nd Place: Dominique Cabrelli from Paris, France
Spontaneity and humor work to make this image a strong one.

3rd Place: David Hartlage from Indiana, United States
A pensive child dressed like an adult among adults; the hands telling different stories about the subjects whose heads were interestingly cropped by the photographer. A great and enigmatic image prompting questions and interest.

4th Place: David Murray from Georgia, United States
Like a great European movie, you know something dramatic may soon happen but you don’t know how it will end.

5th Place: Tina Wright from Arizona, United States
Boredom at its best.

6th Place: Gene Kosoy from Northern California, United States
What grace and harmony. A great look. The photographer captured the children in a really sophisticated way.

7th Place: Tom Paice from Bristol, England
Solid moment. Technically this was not an easy photograph to make, but the photographer handled it well.

8th Place: Ian Bursill from Leicestershire, England
Terrific storytelling image. I can tell the photographer was prepared for anything. They responded quickly and executed it beautifully.

9th Place: Clark Reid from North Holland, Netherlands
A style shot with staying power.

10th Place: Stephanie Secrest from Northern California, United States
A very pretty photo of the young girl dancing. Nice play with the lights.

To view the complete slide show (from the 1st place to 20th place of Kids being kids contest winners), head over to

From the WPJA.COM website.


Since 2002 the WPJA has been helping couples capture the story of their wedding.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a professional organization composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. What sets our members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.

Hope you enjoyed checking out the pictures above.


Ane July 7, 2011 at 12:03 AM  

Among all the pictures, I liked the 9th placer the best.. :) What a cute little guy in his tux.. :D

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