JK Wedding Entrance Dance Jill and Kevin Heinz Youtube Video

This is a video of a choreographed wedding procession featuring Jill and Kevin Heinz. Now it is called a JK wedding entrance dance. What a fun, very unique and modern way for a wedding entrance.

This JK wedding entrance dance video goes viral on the web for its uniqueness, totally awesome and well done wedding entrance choreography.

Watch below the most talked about Jill and Kevin Heinz Video or simply JK Wedding Entrance Youtube Video

What a way to start their very special day. I know, some of you will surely make this video an inspiration or a mere pattern for your wedding day. Congratulations to Jill and Kevin Heinz for their great wedding (and for this viral video!).


cb July 25, 2009 at 3:41 AM  

I only watched a part of the video. I don't find it funny or amusing. Frankly I think it was annoying and immature. I'm not surprised that it received so many views, considering the mentality of the way society is today. Weddings are supposed to be elegant, not some rowdy drunken party with people acting like they're on crack.

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