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The wedding gowns in the Philippines are always made unique and special. There are so many talented wedding gown designers that are well known for their creativeness and unique designs.

One of the well known wedding gown designer in the Philippines is Ms. Malou Castillejos. Her self designed and made wedding gowns are well known in the Philippines and even abroad. All I can say is, she is truly a remarkable wedding gown designer. Ms. Malou’s designs reflect feminine grace and elegance. She specializes in fine embroidery and delicate hand beadwork.

Ms. Malou’s presence in the Bridal Industry started in 1999 when she first showcased her talent for designing wedding gowns at the Rituals Bridal Show at Dusit Hotel in Makati in March of that year. Since then, brides from all over the country would come to see her at her atelier in Quezon City. Words came around about this young and talented designer and soon enough, International Magazines featured her as one of the most promising designers of the Philippines. Her name gained recognition internationally when she got invited to showcase her gowns in many International Bridal Shops which opened great opportunities for Ms. Malou to serve brides all around the globe. One European Bridal Shop owner even made a website for her dedicated to European brides.

wedding gown in the Philippines

Another big name in the wedding gown industry is Mr. Edward Teng. A man of inclined talent, Edward Teng came with a simple vision of sharing his expertise to the growing industry of Fashion and Design. And this commenced a new breed of creative style and classic masterpieces.

His humble beginnings did not discourage him from pursuing his dreams, rather, it drove him to learn more and reach greater heights. From being an in-house designer of Saudi Arabia's Royal Family, he established his own business. From one happy and satisfied client to another, his unique genius propelled him upwards in the fashion arena. Today, he considered as one of the most sought-after, highly respected and well-loved couturier.

So there you have it. Two talented Filipino wedding gown designers that are making names in the wedding industry here and abroad.


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