Wedding Souvenirs Philippines

Wedding souvenirs are a great way to thank your guests and leave them with a reminder of your special day for years to come. Show your appreciation with practical and elegant wedding souvenirs.

Wedding souvenirs Philippines style comes with different kinds and forms. It is a practice and tradition of all couples, mostly the Filipinos, to have giveaways by which the guests will remember their wedding by. Below are some tips and ideas regarding wedding souvenirs and giveaways.

Create a CD of your favorite music, songs that are significant to you as a couple. They don't have to contain just love songs. Why not put in some songs that you danced to, the hits on the chart when you said I do, the song your groom used to give him courage to even ask the question. Let them share your journey from dating to matrimony through the powerful sound of your favorite artists.

wedding souvenirs Philippines cd

Wedding cup cake pieces - why not give out pieces of your wedding cake. Share the sweetness and the blessings. If superstitions are true, any single person who sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will dream of their true love.

Wedding Souvenirs Philippines cupcakes

If you're wedding is hot... I mean if you're holding it somewhere warm, why not help your guests keep cool by giving out silk or sandalwood fans. They are both pretty and practical.

Whatever you decide to give, make it something that will help your guests remember your special day with a smile. Take the time to really think of what you'll give. After all, this is your gift to the people who make the time to be with you on this major day.

Personalized wedding souvenirs Philippines style are also quite popular. What makes the wedding souvenirs here in the Philippines totally unique and special is that, it is wholeheartedly made by the bride and groom themselves. Most of the time, they are hands on with the souvenirs and give aways because it will reflect on how memorable and special their wedding day is.


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