Cinderella Wedding Theme

Cinderella Wedding Theme - Fairy Tale Wedding

Cinderella theme is a fairly popular wedding theme nowadays. It just reflects that, as of this modern times, many brides and grooms, as well as their parents, rides along with some unique and not so traditional way of wedding.

You can have a lot of fun with Cinderella wedding theme in many ways. Just make sure to be as close as possible to the original Cinderella wedding story.

Below are tips, from wedding invitations up to the wedding gowns to wear on a Cinderella type of wedding.

Cinderella Wedding Theme

The very basic and general tip is to accent your Cinderella theme wedding by incorporating fairytale details everywhere you can. Invitations, programs, and thank-you notes can all be purchased with either the Disney take on Cinderella, or with a more generic fairytale theme.

Use the following ideas to really complete your fairytale wedding.

* Have matching themed unity candles, guest book, and toasting flutes.
* Place the wedding rings in a glass slipper that is glued to a pillow for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle.
* Get a castle card holder for the reception.
* Have a “footman” open vehicle doors for guests as they arrive to the reception site.
* Use horse and carriage table centerpieces. Fall wedding centerpieces may include pumpkins.
* Give out keepsake favors, like candles or cookies, in the shape of castles or glass slippers.
* Use carriage or castle shaped frames as place cards holders.
* Cake toppers in the Disney theme or fairytale theme are beautiful additions.
* Choose a variety of music from your favorite princess movies for the dance.
* To add a little levity to the dance, have the groom place the “slipper” on the bride before the garter removal, to make sure she truly is “his Cinderella.”

Cinderella Invitations
Cinderella-themed invitations are everywhere, at every price range. A quick search for Cinderella wedding invitations will show you plenty.

Cinderella Wedding - The Ceremony
For ceremony music, you are not limited to "When I Wish Upon A Star." The story of Cinderella has been turned into a ballet by Mozart, Prokofiev, and Johann Strauss, so there is wonderful classical music available.

Probably the best-known piece is Prokofiev's "Cinderella Waltz." Unfortunately, samples don't seem to be available online, but a music store with a good classical selection should be able to help you.

If your ceremony can include secular music, "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful" from the Rogers & Hammerstein version of Cinderella, could work nicely as a duet.

Finding a hymns is a bit more difficult ("someday, my prince will come" just isn't in the Bible); the best match I can find for lyrics is "When Love is Found," by Brian Wren.

Cinderella Wedding - Reception Decorations
As far as the decorations for your reception, you can go any number of directions. An autumn wedding clearly calls for table centerpieces of miniature pumpkins! You can arrange the pumpkins in groups with some shimmering silver or gold ribbon or you could choose slightly larger pumpkins, hollow them out, and use them to hold floating candles.

For a winter wedding, go with lots and lots of candles. You should be able to get star-shaped pillar candles around Christmas time, and it's also a good season to find silver or gold candles as well as white. The stars are, of course, for the stardust from your fairy godmother's wand! Again, wired ribbon or silk ivy ties the look together very simply and inexpensively.

An even simpler idea, for a daytime wedding, is to find some "magic wands" that don't look cheesy, and set them in the center of the tables with a few dramatic sprays of flowers, with no vase at all. The vaseless look is very high fashion this year, but it requires flowers that don't wilt the minute you take them out of water.

If you have a great deal of time to prepare, you can buy unpainted plaster casts shaped like castles (or possibly like Cinderella herself, if you shop around). The quickest way to paint them is to use a marbling or verdigris technique instead of trying to paint them in accurate colors.

Also keep an eye out for Christmas ornaments with a castle, shoe, fairytale book, or Cinderella theme. Depending on what you find, you can incorporate these items in decorations, centerpieces, or favors. And don't forget about plastic slippers waiting to be filled with colorful mints or Jordan almonds.

Cinderella Wedding - Clothes And Attire For The Bride
When it comes to your attire, you're quite right about needing glass slippers. But remember that some transparent shoes are made from vinyl, which does not "breathe." Over the course of a long day, your feet can become very uncomfortable. Make sure you bring along a more conventional pair of fabric shoes for dancing, as a glass slipper is something you'll probably want to lose before the party heats up.

Cinderella also often wears a tiara. Prices vary enormously, as does quality. If your hairstyle is dramatic, you may look just as good with a lower-cost tiara as with an expensive one, so it's worth shopping around. Beauty pageant supply stores carry them.

Cinderella Wedding - Clothes And Attires For Others
It is probably kinder to your Prince Charming to keep his formal wear relatively simple and classic. A quick skim of various Cinderella fantasies on the Web suggests that Prince Charming sometimes wears a white tux rather than a black one.

As for bridesmaids, the key is perhaps to remember that they are not the wicked stepsisters. One possible approach is to dress them a bit more like your own personal troop of fairy godmothers, in something elegant and floaty, with some rhinestones standing in for the fairy dust. Or, if you prefer the "Ever After" version of Cinderella, a more Renaissance look with flowers in their hair could work.

Hope the above tips regarding a Cinderella wedding theme gives you some basic stuffs and ideas. You may also get some ideas by watching some Cinderella movies or reading the Cinderella fairy tale story on the book itself.

You may also consider searching the web for more tips and advices for a memorable royalty Cinderella wedding.



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