Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings Facts

Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings Difference
Engagement rings and wedding rings are different both in appearance and symbolism.

Engagement rings are worn prior to marriage to signify one’s engaged status. The most common engagement rings are diamond solitaires, though engagement rings can be any color or choice of stone depending upon taste. It is given when the man asks the woman to marry him.

The wedding ring is the ring that is given to the bride (and one also to the groom) at the wedding ceremony. The wedding rings signify the eternal bond and sanctity of marriage. The wedding ring is usually a single band without any seam, although many wedding bands are decorated with stones or intricate designs. The wedding ring is a solid band that has no end and is give when the couple actually gets married.

Engagement And Wedding Rings

The woman will usually wear both rings on the left hand ring finger everyday for the rest of her life.

The engagement ring is given to the woman during the proposal. It does normally has a diamond. The wedding ring is given during the wedding ceremony to the man and woman. It sometimes contains diamonds also, but generally is just a solid gold ring.

The engagement ring is given as a symbol to be "engaged" to get married.

The wedding ring is a symbol of the actual marriage.

The engagement ring usually has a center stone. The wedding ring usually does not. Sometimes wedding rings are sold in a matching set, bride and groom. Sometimes the engagement ring and wedding ring are sold in a matching set so they fit nicely together.

Sometimes a wedding ring is known as a wedding band. Can just be a plain band of gold.

The most traditional engagement ring is a single diamond setting. The wedding ring would then just match it in material; gold or platinum, and be about 3 mm thick.

Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring

Proper Way Of Wearing Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings
Everyone has different beliefs on this. The most common is that the wedding band goes on first (closest to the palm) then the engagement ring. This is because the vein in the left ring finger is the most direct to the heart. So the wedding ring should be the ring closest to your heart because it reflects and symbolizes love.

On the wedding day, the bride wears the engagement ring on her right hand, during the ceremony, so the wedding ring can go on first, and it is not supposed to be taken off. Then, bride can put the engagement ring back on after, just above the wedding ring.


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