Popular Online Wedding Dress Quizzes

Here is a list of 4 wedding dress quizzes I found online. I find them quite funny, humorous and at the same time, a bit useful. So check them out and see for your self.

1. What Wedding Dress Should You Have Facebook Quiz

A nice wedding dress quiz application on Facebook. It asks your personal preferences to random things then based on that, it will show you what's the most probable wedding dress you will have.

Facebook Wedding Quiz

Check it here

2. Which Beautiful Wedding Gown Are You?

A quiz that will translate your answers into the type of wedding gown you will be, in case you are not a human and you are a wedding gown.

Quizilla Wedding Gown Quiz

Check it here

3. Which Wedding Dress Is Right For You?

It`s your big day. What should your wedding dress look like? This is a quick personality test.

Wedding Dress For You

Check it here

4. The Knot What's Your Wedding Dress IQ?

Do you know your satin from your silk shantung? How well do you know your train lengths? Put your wedding gown knowledge to the test and learn some lingo while you're at it.

The Knot Wedding Dress IQ

Check it here

If you know more wedding dresses quizzes and test online, please share it on the comment section below.


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