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Cushion cut rings are one of those antique cut type of rings available nowadays. Cushion cut engagement rings are also sometimes called the pillow cut or candlelight diamond rings. This type of ring ensembles a romantic and classic feel or look. It stands out among the crowd or other type of rings because of its elegance and brilliance. Cushion cut diamond rings do have rounded corners and larger facets that highlight the diamond’s clarity and overall brilliance as well.

Here are few more information about the cushion cut engagement rings.

Giuliana Rancic wearing her four carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
Bill Rancic proposed to Giuliana Rancic with a four-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring by Graff, worth approximately £50,000. Source:

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Long before we had the technology to create perfectly round-shaped diamonds like we have today, this type of cut was used to shape some of history’s most beautiful and well-known diamonds. For that reason, the cushion cut diamond was, and still is, one of the most timeless and classic shapes in which diamonds have been cut.


Cushion Cut Diamonds – Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - Truth About Diamonds

Cushion cuts are simply more popular now than they have ever been before.  But almost as important is the fact that Cushion cuts are simply a very confusing cut.  There are a whole host of terms specific to cushion cuts that need understanding.  Terms such as modified cushions, classic cushions, chunky cushions, broken glass, crushed ice, no culets, large culets, old minders, square cushions, and rectangular cushions.


Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - Perfect Ring For Your Fiancee

If you are romantic and looking to have classic and stylish designed rings, cushion cut engagement rings are the perfect for you. It is a perfect ring for those who do not believe in compromising with price to get the quality and precious items then cushion cut rings are definitely for them. As more and more people prefer wearing something unique and extraordinary, cushion cut engagement rings are becoming popular among the women for its modern and romantic look.

Cushion cut engagement rings is an excellent selection for those who love to wear unique style rings. The diamond cut in bigger sizes adds more elegancy to the piece. Cushion cut engagement rings of diamonds always make excellent solitaire engagement rings. You also do not have to worry about diamond loss, the stone or diamond is firmed so strongly that it leaves no chances of any fall or loss. For normal size diamond, a four pronged setting is required. If you have larger diamond to be inserted in the frame, larger prongs will be required accordingly.


Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Overview

History of the Cut

Cushion cuts were immensely popular during the latter part of the 1800s and the early 1900s. While the shape was often called a pillow cut because of its resemblance to plump pillows, it was also called a candlelight diamond because it was cut specifically to be most brilliant in candlelight - before the advent of electric bulbs. Contemporary cushion cuts may be more symmetrical than older rings because of modern refinements in lapidary skills, but generally cushion cuts are still difficult to find outside antique rings. Many old gems are cushion cuts, including the infamous Hope Diamond.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings, tremendously popular over a century ago, are becoming trendy again in modern rings. With a sensual shape and subtle sparkle, they are a sophisticated alternative to flashier designs yet do not sacrifice either the beauty or romance that symbolizes the love a couple shares.


Cushion Cut Engagement Rings and Little-Known Secrets of The Cushion Cut

Cushion cut gemstones can be found in various shapes ranging from square right through to rectangular shapes (degree of rectangularity could vary). This is important to remember when you purchase your cushion cut engagement ring. You need to buy the cushion shape that has the best ratios for you. You may not get what you asked for if you do not view the exact stone you are purchasing. One cushion shape engagement ring does not fit all!

The recent rise in demand for cushion cut diamonds (and other gemstones) was mainly triggered by celebrities strutting their stuff while showing off their “finger bling”. Just one example is the media capturing Britney Spears’s 4 carat cushion cut engagement ring. There has been a number of other celebrity “cushion cut diamond engagement ring” sightings that has resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for my favourite gemstone shape.


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I hope that the above information gave you an idea or two about cushion cut engagement or diamond rings in general.


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