Must Read Tips For A Perfect Wedding Concept From A Project Runway Fashion Expert

Amor Albano – This young fellow whose designing career started and  bloomed further after being one of the top competitors of the recently concluded fashion designing reality show entitled Project Runway Philippines Season 3 continues to awe and inspire not just his fellow Ilocanos but even other people coming from almost all parts of the country.

Amor, as fondly called by his friends, has been famous with his cocktails and bridal gown creations. In fact, “She” (As she claims to be a beautiful lady) has created garments for high ranking officials and socialites in her province. To name some of them, she has made gowns for Ilocos Norte Gov. Aimee Marcos and Former First lady now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos. At the moment, this blog is intended to feature Amor’s fondest thoughts about her ideal wedding when given the chance to get married with her ideal man. Thus, we advise you to be prepared, enticed and inspired by her dream wedding concepts.

Wedding Dress – It is so ironic to think that a very talented and artistic designer wishes to have a plain and simple wedding dress made of light and cheap material on her wedding day. When asked about the reason why she came up with such concept for her ideal wedding dress, she laughed, joked and said that she was going to buy diamond accessories. She also added that beautiful women do not wear clothes to look beautiful instead they wear simple dresses to make it look beautiful.

Venue- Since she is a public figure, Amor dreams of a publicly viewed wedding because according to her, such idea promotes awareness to the people that gays, like her, have the right to get married. When asked about the exact place, she envisioned her wedding ceremony being held in the early morning preferably 6:30 (sunrise) in the middle of La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag City.

Motiff - Amor’s fair complexion make cool colors great for the motif on her sunrise wedding. She says that mint green, light pink and light yellow would work well on that day. She would want guests to wear casual outfit that are made of light and flowing garments.

- Just like her generosity and hospitable nature, Amor would want her guests to be satisfied, impressed and happy on her special day. Since that day is going to be held early in the morning, she craves for a breakfast cocktail party that serves Filipino breakfast.

- It is an obvious reality to know that every beautiful bride should have a handsome husband to march down the aisle with her. For Amor, her eyes twinkle every time she thinks of the right guy who would love and understand her for who and what she is. She says that she would want to be escorted by a lawyer groom because according to her living with a lawyer for the rest of her life would make her smarter even in times of arguments. She definitely wants to be with a guy who is capable of having sensible conversations till both of them start to have gray hair.

As a final say, Amor’s dream wedding truly depict her innermost thought and personality, with her simple yet wonderful wedding concept, she is able to tell the whole world that she’s just like Julia Roberts in The Movie Notting Hill – Famous yet simple and she dreams of being loved with all the heart and mind of her partner. Amor’s line would probably be “I am just a girl standing in front of a man asking him to love me.”

Credits to Honeylyn Inocencio for the awesome article and interview.


Franc Ramon September 27, 2012 at 9:18 AM  

I think a simple wedding and wedding dress always is a good alternative as it focuses more on the union than the material part of the wedding.

fifileigh September 29, 2012 at 10:44 PM  

every bride has her own style. that is why designers create millions of wedding dress styles to suit everyone,hoping to make a sale. i hope she meets the right man and lives happily ever after.

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