Zoren Legaspi And Carmina Villaroel Wedding [Photos And Videos]

The whole showbizness is at the state of shock but at the same, got inspired and heart-warmed by this surprise wedding of long time couple ( 12 years couple) and partner in life - Zoren Legaspi And Carmina Villaroel.

Zoren Legaspi asked for the help of their (Carmina Villaroel) children, Cassie and Maverick, along with their friends from the showbizness to make this surprise wedding proposal straight to the wedding rites or ceremony a successful and memorable event of their lives. That surprise wedding event all happened Thursday evening, November 15, 2012, at the enchanting place of Fernbrook Garden in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Because of its secrecy, only few of their showbiz friends, non showbiz friends and family had witnessed and attended such romantic wedding event. But I am quite sure that another big celebration, this time with lots of their friends and family members in attendance, will follow to celebrate this life changing event for MINA and ZOREN.

Zoren Legaspi Carmina Villaroel Wedding Photos

Carmina Villaroel Hugging Zoren Legaspi At The Wedding

Carmina Villaroel And Her Father At The Wedding

Carmina Villaroel And Zoren Legaspi Wedding Vows

Zoren Legaspi And Carmina Villaroel Wedding With Cassey And Maverick

Carmina Villaroel Zoren Legaspi Wedding

Zoren Legaspi Carmina Villaroel Wedding Videos

Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel Wedding ONSITE PHOTO by NICEPRINT PHOTOGRAPHY

Zoren Legaspi, Carmina Villaroel finally wed

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