Wedding Photographer Sued By Couple Because Of Their First Wedding Kiss Photo

In Australia, a not so usual kind of story for them was shown and delivered via a certain TV show. You can read the tidbits of that story below.

Jarrad and Sheree Mitchell who got married a year ago, hired the professional services of George Ferris of Studio Edge & Multimedia to capture the important moments of their wedding day. When the office of George Ferris presented the results or photos of Jarrad and Sheree Mitchell wedding, they got shocked and really disappointed.

According to the couple, the wedding photographer had missed all important and must capture and remember moments of their wedding, most importantly, their very first kiss as a couple.

Because of the disappointment and as per advice by their relatives and friends, couple sued George Ferris for $6,700. That amount is for the wedding photographer's failure to capture the kiss, the ribbon cutting, and certificate signing that according to the couple is really devastating. To add more on that, they refused to pay George Ferris in full ($2,300 out of $2,700) because of failing to take “artistic” photos as advertised on his website.

George Ferris of Studio Edge & Multimedia counter-sued the couple for $6,000, which includes the remaining $400 they still owed him, court fees, and $63 for paying a meal out of his own pocket.

To end up the conflict and settle down both parties, The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered wedding photographer George Ferris to pay the Mitchells $750 for failing to meet the value of the $2,700 package. In return, Jarrad and Sheree Mitchell were ordered to cover the photographer's meal expense of $63.

AS soon as this news hits the Australian TV show, George Ferris of Studio Edge & Multimedia released a statement:

“A couple’s wedding day is a very special one, and we take pride in recording it for them… We believe we did so for Jarrad and Sheree and were equally disappointed that their wedding kiss was no more than a quick peck, making it impossible to catch as was recognized by the Tribunal.”

According to wedding experts, this kind of incident only  happens once in a while, but when it does, it can surely ruin the dream wedding event for the couple and for the wedding vendors. This is why getting a wedding public liability insurance is quite important and practical nowadays.

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