Wedding Proposal Gone Wrong - Romantic Couple Hits And Engulfed By Huge Ocean Wave [Video]

Here is a video of a marriage proposal that gone wrong (some calls it a fake or staged one). As soon as the guy got down on one knee and asked for the girl's sweet sounding YES about for the wedding, a huge but not so nasty wave washed them up back to the shore. Well, I think the wave and the soaking wet dress also helped the girl to decide and finally said YES to his boyfriend.

Marriage Proposal Fails - Proposal Intruded By Giant Waves

So what do you think? Staged or planned by the photographer ot just a complete coincidence that made the proposal even more epic and romantic?

For me, whatever the answer is, this marriage proposal is so awesome and refreshing to watch and see.

About The Image:
Image is a screenshot of the 1:25 mark of the above posted video. It shows the romantic couple wherein the guy is kneeling down on one knee, saying his proposal to his girlfriend while the huge wave is at their background.

All credits goes to the owner/photographer. No copyright infringement intended. I just posted it for pure fun, entertainment and excitement :).

Video is originally uploaded at Matthew Hartman's YouTube Channel


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