Koyuki Higashi And Hiroko Wedding - First Gay Wedding Held At Tokyo Disney Resort

Nowadays, fairy tale wedding indeed can come true. There are already living proof of it all over the interwebs, Look at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the wedding of the geeks, fairy tale wedding theme and so on and so forth.

And today, a Japanese couple's marriage can also be officially included at the list of fairy tale weddings that came to life. Koyuki Higashi and her partner for more than one year, Hiroko, exchange their vows and tied the knot at Tokyo Disney Resort. This is the first ever same-sex wedding ceremony and celebration held at the world famous Disney Theme Park.

Koyuki Higashi, left, posed with her partner, Hiroko, at Tokyo Disney Resort on Friday in the first same-sex wedding at the theme park in Japan. Photo by Koyuki Higashi shared via Twitter.

Koyuki Higashi who is a stage actress and well known gay rights activist and Hiroko, are very vocal and public about their wedding plans and activities. In fact, they frequently update their twitter followers about the plans they have in mind.

Koyuki Higashi also tweeted:

“My partner Hiroko and I just held a gay wedding at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Even Mickey and Minnie are here to celebrate with us!”

I think this just shows how supportive and open The Walt Disney Company is, particularly the theme parks, for the same-sex wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Some of their high end wedding packages even includes grand and elegant ceremony, Disney characters and public displays at its theme parks.

Even though the Tokyo Disney Sea, a part of the Disney Resort normally requires one of the couple to wear a tuxedo (per their existing policy), they allowed both Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko to wear white wedding dresses (or even tuxedos if they like).
The success of their wedding within the grounds of Disney Resort created a huge buzz around social media sites and the internet in general. Because of this, a lot of people now truly believes that “Mickey Mouse openly supports gay marriage!”.

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