Interesting Wedding Facts And Trivia

Wedding Trivia - Strange Facts About Weddings
Awesome And Shocking Wedding Trivia.

Below are some of the weird and unique facts about wedding or marriage. I find this interesting because, I don’t really know some of this fact until I read them. So just like me, I know, somehow, you will be amazed and a little sort of shock will come into you upon reading this.

June Bride - June Weddings

June bride refers to the fact more people get married in June than any other month. Contrary to popular belief, this tradition did NOT come about because of the dependable weather. And actually, really not a good month to get married in some Asian countries, like here in the Philippines because it was a rainy season/month.

According to some books, some classical scholars believe the month of June is actually named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Fast-forward a few centuries and you'll find another good reason to book a banquet hall for June: according to one old wives' tale, "Marry in the month of May, and you'll surely rue the day. Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you'll go."

So maybe, that’s why the month of June becomes the month of marriage.

Bridesmaid And Bride Same Dresses

The reason bridesmaids all dress the same is, in ancient Rome, several of the 10 witnesses required to make a wedding legal, would dress identically to the bride and groom to confuse any evil spirits that might crash the ceremony or what they call the evil wedding crashers. I know its kind of odd, but yes, its according to the history book.

Wedding Rings

Pope Innocent III started the wedding ring tradition. It was being believed that, in the 13th century, Innocent instituted a waiting period between engagement and marriage, and insisted a ring be used in the wedding ceremony. Before that, rings were only used to seal an engagement (as well as other important agreements).
You May Kiss The Bride
A kiss is considered a way of legally binding and was used to seal a contract in the ancient Rome. And later on, a bride marrying in the Church of England had to kiss the minister doing the wedding ceremony before she could kiss her groom. Can you imagine that?

Wedding Throws

During weddings, there are so many things thrown through the air or to the newly weds including rice (for fertility), bouquets (for luck and protection) and, last but not least, garters (also for luck).
In the past, before the wedding dresses cost as much as small cars, people used to rip chunks of the bride's dress off for good luck.

A slightly related custom used to occur in long-ago England. The groom's friends would take off their socks and throw them; the first to hit the groom's nose would be the next to marry. Funny but yeah, it’s true.

And last but not the least, one of my favorite of all those wedding trivia;

Bride And Groom Wedding Ceremony Location

Normally, the bride stands on the left and the groom on the right on a Christian ceremony. So you want to know where and why did this custom originate?
Weddings used to be a lot more like the ones you watch on the movies or tele seryes - with ex-suitors and other thugs often rushing the altar to object on the wedding.

So to defend the bride and avoid the interference, the groom needed to keep his right hand free so he could grab his sword, thus the bride stood clear and to the left. This is from an ancient custom that is still being practiced today, but no more swords of course.


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