Types Of Wedding Ceremonies

Types Of Wedding Ceremonies

There are so many types or kinds of wedding ceremonies. It differs from religious views, traditional inheritance and the community we live in. people from all religions, countries, and cultures have different marriage ceremonies and traditions.

Types Of Wedding Ceremonies
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Below, you will read and know different types and styles of wedding ceremony.

Double Wedding

Double Wedding Ceremony
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A double wedding is when two wedding parties get married in the same ceremony. Usually this happens when two siblings are both getting married and decide to share the ceremony with each other. This is often done to share expenses or because a large family may have trouble getting together for two separate occasions that may be close together.

Military Wedding

Military Wedding Ceremony
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A military wedding is a wedding that is conducted by a military chaplain. A military wedding usually takes place on a military base, in a theater of war, or under wartime circumstances. Although they sometimes are, both the groom and bride do not have to be members of the military to have a military wedding ceremony.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Ceremony
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A civil ceremony is a wedding performed by an elected or appointed government official (like a mayor, justice of the peace, judge, or other leader). Most civil ceremonies take place in public places like town halls or possibly even inside judge’s chambers.

Online Wedding

Online Wedding Ceremony
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Online weddings can refer to two different things. Online weddings are where the bride and groom cannot physically be in the same place so the legal documents are taken care of ahead of time and the ceremony is carried out via video over the internet. Standard weddings that are broadcast online are also sometimes referred to as an online wedding.

Mixed Wedding

Mixed Wedding Ceremony
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A mixed wedding usually refers to two people who have two different religions getting married. A mixed wedding is most often presided over by two different people with a clergy person from each of the couple’s faiths leads different portions of the ceremony. At some times in history or in some cultures the term “mixed wedding” has also meant people of different races becoming legally married.

Church Wedding

Church Wedding Ceremony
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A church wedding refers to any marriage ceremony that takes place in a church. Most church weddings are religious by nature and come with certain things you can and cannot do during the ceremony. These ceremonies are presided over by a religious leader, usually from the church the ceremony is in, and adhere to a certain religions beliefs.

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Ceremony
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Most weddings happen in the hometown of either the bride or groom, or both. If the engaged couple and/or a majority of the guests attend a ceremony out of the area, whether it is at an extravagant site or not, it is considered a destination wedding.

Same Sex Wedding

same sex wedding
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A same sex wedding is a ceremony that involves the marrying of two people who are both of the same sex. This can refer to either a civil ceremony that is legally recognized, or an unofficial ceremony in which the couple has the same opportunity to make pledges and celebrate with family and friends the way heterosexual couples would do.



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