14 Wedding Photographs That Can Make You Laugh

Having good wedding photos or acquiring the service of great wedding photographers are one of the most budgeted area of a wedding event. Thousand of dollars and pesos are being spent for that perfect shot and moment during the wedding itself.

But what if, something goes wrong or something is not right on your wedding photos? What will be your reaction? Will you ask for another wedding for new wedding photos? Maybe not due to the cost.

But, those not-so-good wedding photos can serve as a good laughing matter for some web friends of ours and that is for real! So why not post it, and see how many people will have a good laugh and smile after seeing those kind of wedding pictures.

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Here are some examples of not-so-good, something-goes-wrong,something-is-not-right (failed) wedding photographs or pictures that can make those lips and smiles go wide.

Bride And Groom - With Whom?
Funny Wedding Picture 1

Happy Couple - With Cow Doing Something At The Background
Funny Wedding Picture 2

Emo Bride With Hands Holding The Glass Window?
Funny Wedding Picture 3

On The Way To The Wedding Venue - With Guys Running At The Background
Funny Wedding Picture 4

Beach Wedding
Funny Wedding Picture 5

Family Wedding Portrait - Disturbed By Front Row Kid
Funny Wedding Picture 6

At The Wedding Party
Funny Wedding Picture 7

The Wedding Kiss - No Peeking Please!
Funny Wedding Picture 8

This Bouquet Throwing Is Strictly For Girls Only
Funny Wedding Picture 9

Wedding Ceremony - Someone Is Waiting For It To Finish
Funny Wedding Picture 10

Wedding Run - But The Bride Can't Run Anymore!
Funny Wedding Picture 11

Whats Under The Bride's Wedding Dress
Funny Wedding Picture 12

Look At The Wedding Official's Reaction
Funny Wedding Picture 13

Bride And Groom Kiss - Not For Kids?
Funny Wedding Picture 14

You? Do you have any wedding photos to share? Common, share it with us!

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